THE BEST OF 2 WORLDS MV24® – extensive personal experience and new digital avenues

We at MV24® are insurance brokers. We live and work in two worlds: In the classic world of insurance brokers, in which we personally consult our customers on the spot and make individual offers to optimize different insurance portfolios and, if necessary, link them to changing life situations. And at the same time, we feel at home in the new digital world of insurance brokers - with their applications and internet-based offers that, with short communication paths and quick information sharing, make life easier not only for our customers but for us as well.

With our MV24®APP we have created an offer for all the people who no longer live in the world of paper documents.


Researching is a blast of the past, today we compare for you

MV24® One-click entry of all insurances:

In this way you quickly receive information about your insurance situation. By reviewing existing insurance at a glance, you can see the gaps and sustainably control your finances even better.


The intersection point between two worlds: You just download it and have all your insurance documents available at any time. If you want, you will receive a needs analysis certified by the German Institute for Financial Standardization (DEFINO). Through the MV24®®APP you have direct contact with your personal consultant and in the event of an accident you can also register a suffered damage.


You easily receive review comparisons: The MV24® APP recognizes missing insurances and there you can also receive your individual offer at the optimum ratio of value for money. The information will be sent by e-mail, letter or will be presented in person.


Always full information: In the folder you find all the information regarding the insurance contracts, orderly presented and always up-to-date. You will continue to receive important documents such as policies, invoices and others by regular mail deliveries.

  • You have a digital insurance folder at your disposal at any time
  • You receive independent and neutral comparisons of insurances
  • You save a lot of time
  • You have a personal consultant on the spot
  • You don’t have to dig and browse through folders
  • You receive full service free of charge including advice and processing of damages
  • You can register damages through the MV24® application
  • You can request missing documents through the MV24® application
  • You can communicate with the consultant through the MV24® application
  • You receive special concepts and discounts
  • You take advantage of independent comparisons between price and service
  • You don’t have gaps in your insurance coverage

If you desire so, MV24® will prepare an individual concept for you in accordance with the German Institute for Financial Standardization (DEFINO Finanz Norm), of which we are a certified partner. In this way, you can be absolutely sure that your insurances are with excellent terms, up-to-date and offering the best value for your money.


Good to know: Our proposal is also suitable for people who have not had personal insurance before, such as trainees, students or people who have just moved into their first home. You can also use the MV24® application and sign up here – we will prepare insurance offers for all the necessary and appropriate situations in your life.