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Always well-informed

Anyone who wants to be informed at any time of the insurances he/she has signed should no longer browse through dust-covered folders. MV24®® APP allows you to quickly review all contract details, forthcoming premiums for payment and tariff details. The application provides guidance on possible contract optimizations or missing insurances.

The best of two worlds

The MV24® APP combines the best of two worlds: On the one hand, the quick and easy management of personal insurances and financial matters, and on the other hand, the opportunity for personal consultation from our insurance and financial experts.


How much will using the MV24® application and receiving the consultations cost you?

You do not owe a cent for using the MV24® application or for our consultancy and services. We are an independent, neutral insurance broker and we receive remuneration for managing and concluding your insurance contracts from most of the insurers we have a contract with, because we are executing brokerage intermediation for your portfolio. That is why we can offer the MV24® application and many of our services for free.

In order to make full use of the application, we need to have a contract for brokerage intermediation with you. The contract consists of two parts: a contract and a Power of attorney.

  • The contract for brokerage intermediation regulates the legal relations between you and us, your broker.
  • The Power of attorney allows us, in the capacity of broker, to request your insurance data from the insurance company, to convert it into digital format and to store it safely in the MV24® application. In that way, we can best represent your interests in front of the insurance company. With this contract, we as a broker have the right to conclude, modify or terminate insurance contracts on your behalf, to receive information from social security institutions or to re-authorize – of course, always after coordination with you. All of the insurer’s correspondence will be provided to us in copy. The Power of attorney also entitles us to involve third parties in the execution and implementation of the Contract for brokerage intermediation. In addition, the Power of attorney gives us the right to enter on your behalf into legal transactions with ourselves or with us as third party representatives (multiple representation)

IMPORTANT: Under a contract for brokerage intermediation, we will, in principle, not act proactively with regards to third parties without your consent or without consulting you first.

The Contract is signed with your digital signature. The signature is laid down on the display of your electronic device. The Contract is concluded for an indefinite time period and can be terminated by you at any moment – without the need to give us any reasons.

Once you have entered your insurance in the MV24® application, we will compare your available contracts. If you wish, we will offer you a further neutral analysis according to the requirements of the German Institute for Financial Standardization (DEFINO). In this overview comparison you can very easily find out if you have the perfect insurance. If deficiencies are found according to the DEFINO analysis, you can fill them in with us – of course, with the best value for your money.

Your data is entered through encryption and is stored in a vault secured with an SSL-certificate. Of course, our communication with you in the MV24® application is also encrypted. And having a digital signature saves you paper and time. It’s good to know: The servers on which your data is stored are located in Germany – so, the strict German data protection regulations apply.

After you sign up in the MV24® application, the MV24® team is responsible for all of your questions and all the services provided by the application functionality. In technical terms, the MV24® application has been developed by the Jung, DMS & Cie. AG company.

We at MV24® will support you with advice and action as needed – namely, from signing up and processing the damage until its settlement. Your personal consultant will answer any of your questions in direct contact – by phone, email or SMS. Of course, he will assist you also in personal meetings.

Of course, you can also use the MV24® application in this case. Sign up to the application as described. We will come up with a proposal for the insurance you absolutely need – or for the ones you want for your lifestyle.

Write us an email – or use the email service within the MV24® application to send us a letter. We will take care of the next steps. When you withdraw your Contract for brokerage intermediation, we will delete all of your data in the application. Then, you can just remove the application from your digital device.


Signing up

You can sign up here with your e-mail address and password.


You will receive a confirmation link by email.

Brokerage contract

By using a digital signature, you will assign us a contract for brokerage intermediation so that your insurance contracts can be transferred to the application.

  • Access to all contract details, for example: premium payments, deadlines etc.
  • Access to insurance and financial documents in PDF-format
  • Easy addition of new and existing contracts
  • Registration of a suffered damage directly through the application
  • Requesting offers for optimization of existing contracts
  • Encrypted data transfer and upgraded SSL technology
  • Digital signature on the computer, smartphone or tablet - saves paper and time
  • Contact with the consultant by phone or email
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